Enterprise Solutions
Control risk exposure and render it transparent

Process large claims quickly and efficiently. Recognise cumulative situations. Enhance your image by keeping service promises. Esri's ArcGIS and con terra's Insurance Solution control risk exposure and render it transparent. Reinsurance capacity can be used more efficiently. Sales and marketing are optimised.

Underwriting and risk management

More business and more efficient underwriting


Taking a spatially oriented view of a portfolio makes underwriting more efficient and enables appropriate risk ratings to be set. Cumulative situations are then rendered transparent and help to control the insurer's risk exposure. Security surcharges in the calculation of reinsurance premiums are significantly reduced. The con terra Insurance Solution offers standardised underwriting solutions.

Damage management

Turning a damage case into a customer bonding opportunity


Whether as a mobile damage assessment app for field staff or as a near-to-real time monitoring app for in-house employees, with map-based applications, even major cumulative damage can be effectively mastered. And you can keep the performance promise you make to your customer. Whether identifying spatial damage trends, estimating the PML following mass damage events and locating optimum sites for collective inspection surveys, or simply determining the nearest service partner that can provide assistance – the con terra Insurance Solution provides fast and competent support.

Sales control

Detecting potential and controlling networks


Set sales goals to match potential. Check goal attainment using dashboards. Esri Maps for BI, either integrated into the business system or as a standalone application, display untapped potential. They render reports more expressive. The sales network can be controlled in accordance with potential, as can the boundaries of the agency regions. In this, con terra Insurance Solution offers powerful concepts that support your sales controlling.

Insurance Solution

The package for insurers


con terra Insurance Solution offers a great many solutions and concepts to support underwriting, damage management and sales controlling. There is also a range of modular and expandable applications available, based on technology and products from Esri and con terra. 


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