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Key Qualification GIS and Data Integration

The processing of geoinformation has become one of the central themes in the fields of computing and information technology. For users and developers, knowledge of fundamentals, methods and techniques of geoinformation processing and its effective implementation in practical work situations has become a key qualification. Executive managers and decision makers have to be familiar with current geoinformation technologies.


The object of the con terra training sessions is to convey this knowledge systematically to participants. The seminars cover current trends and provide basic knowledge, while also offering users and developers the opportunity to acquire skills in the practical use of software tools. A characteristic factor of the course is its orientation towards small participant groups, and catering for individual requirements as well as providing intensive training. The demand for seminars that offer an introduction to the technology or provide an initial overview of a software's capabilities is catered for in our orientation courses, a great number of which are offered throughout the entire course of the year. All courses, whether on-site or online, are taught by experienced trainers. Our range of standard courses is accompanied by customer-specific, individual training units.

Upon request, con terra can also supply English-language training seminars.  


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FME and Python

October 22-25, 2024

3D Data Processing with FME

November 5-8, 2024


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Marie Paßlick

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