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Locate the future

Hitting the core of the "con terra" brand – in the field of tension between technology and emotions – a real challenge.

In cooperation with a young, creative film team from Dortmund, we have produced a somewhat different image film. This was also the view of the international German Design Council, which awarded locate the future the prestigious German Design Award in the Audiovisual - Excellent Communications Design category. 

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Company Profile
Intelligent GIS solutions with con terra

con terra integrates intelligent Geo-IT solutions into the IT structures of its customers in the private sector and public administration  agencies. This enables geoinformation to be put to profitable use, making company processes sustainably more efficient, cheaper and more transparent.


As a Platinum Partner of Esri Inc., con terra backs the ArcGIS technology and adds targeted enhancements as required, in the form of further products and technologies, such as map.apps, FME or the ERP platform SAP HANA.


con terra cooperates with universities, participates in research & development projects and standardisation procedures, and plays an active role in committees and working groups of such organisations as ISO, GDI-DE, OGC, and INSPIRE. This puts con terra in a position to evaluate trends affecting the market at early stage and to play a role in shaping and incorporating them in the planning and implementation of IT solutions. 


The company's focus lies on such markets as insurance, natural and environmental resources, telecommunications, trade, sdi and e-government and real estate, and its fields of activity include spatial data infrastructures and spatial data modelling & transformation. Its success is based on its more than thirty years of experience, excellent knowledge of the industry, and great innovative strength, plus the cross cooperations it engages in with leading software manufacturers. 


Foundation: 1993


Headquarters: Münster


Number of employees: 200+


Co-founder of the 52° North GmbH 2004

Esri Platinum Partner

Esri Platinum Partner

Safe Software Platinum Partner

Safe Software Platinum Partner

The Team

At con terra, employees are team players

con terra consists of more than 220 computer scientists, geoscientists, mathematicians, physicists, engineers, ecologists and other specialists, all working together across a wide range of fields and roles.

Every one of them dedicates their qualified knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to the customers benefits and the business success.

con terra staff
con terra team
Corporate Culture
The people in focus

The success of our work is rooted in the honest, respectful and open communication that we conduct both with each other and with our customers and partners. We are guided in our activities by four common values that express what it means to us to be a part of this organisation. These guidelines give us orientation and define our aspirations aimed at by our deeds:


For the company
We are ourselves responsible for our company, colleagues, relationships with our customers and partners, our social environment, and ourselves.

Taking responsibility
Taking responsibility means taking risks, which also includes taking personal responsibility for any failures that might occur.

Accepting mistakes
We accept that mistakes will be made that do not result from carelessness or an unwillingness to learn.

We also apply our knowledge and technologies outside the working environment in support of socially beneficial projects.

Necessary measures
We are aware that striving for a secure company in difficult times might also require disagreeable measures.

Constant adjustment
We are prepared to face the need for constant adjustment processes.

We are committed to the sustained safeguarding and value enhancement of our company. We strive for continual growth and invest systematically in our products, services and staff.


We treat each other with mutual respect and consideration on the basis of mutual trust.

We are reliable and adhere to our agreements with customers, partners and each other.

We are honest and direct. Each of us may say what he thinks in an appropriate way without the risk of being disadvantaged.

Open contact
We attach value to an open and cooperative contact that goes beyond hierarchical levels.

Our collaboration is characterised by an actively helpful attitude reflected by each individual. We share our knowledge and learn from one another.

Consideration and tolerance
We show consideration and practice tolerance but reject consensus at any price, excessive harmoniousness and the circumvention of necessary criticism.


Individual personality
We respect the personality of each individual and see therein a source of creativity and innovation.

Personal space
We create personal space within which employees can develop in their fields of activity.

Joint rules
Individuality has its limits wherever it is necessary to comply with standards and jointly agreed rules. We want to instil a peaceful coexistence between individuality and a sense of community.


We perform outstanding achievements and achieve our goals.

Team Success
What counts for us is above all team success. This requires great willingness to perform on the part of each and every one of us, as well as a willingness to develop and change.

Every employee has the right to receive regular and nuanced feedback. We regard dispute with feedback as a chance to learn.

Economic actions
Our economic actions are determined by cost-effectiveness and cost-consciousness. We measure the company's performance in terms of transparent criteria.

We are aware that material goals are not the only ones that are of importance. Performance is brought about by people, for whom we bear mutual responsibility.


As a member of various organizations con terra is active in different functions and roles.

Together we are strong

The broad spectrum of employee qualifications at con terra is complemented by the extensive know-how of our partner companies, with whom we have been enjoying trusting cooperations for many years, in some cases ever since the company was first founded. With others we are developing new areas of application.


Of special importance to con terra are its strategic partnerships with Esri Inc. (USA) and Safe Software (Canada), since both the ArcGIS platform and FME as data integration platform form central components of our solutions' structure. As a Platinum Partner of Esri and Platinum Partner of Safe Software con terra is in constant intensive exchange with both of these companies and has been commended on several occasions for its good cooperation and outstanding projects.

Uwe König, con terra

Uwe König, Managing Director

+49 251 59689 300
Karl Wiesmann

Karl Wiesmann, Managing Director

+49 251 59689 300