con terra is an Esri Platinum Partner

con terra develops first-class GeoIT solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. As a leading integrator in the field of GIS, we strictly focus on the requirements of users and their business processes. In this context, we have been relying with full conviction on the ArcGIS base technology of the world market leader for geoinformation systems   Esri – for over 20 years. 


ArcGIS Plattform

ArcGIS - Best technology as basis

The ArcGIS plattform offers unique possibilities for location-based analyses. It forms the foundation of our solutions. This allows information to be linked, patterns to be revealed and new correlations to be established. Collaborating with others and sharing insights about maps, applications and reports are all possible with ArcGIS.

Individuality for ArcGIS

Only a solution that fits one hundred percent guarantees sustainable success for users. con terra Technologies integrate perfectly into the ArcGIS platform, complement it and cover all standard requirements for modern GeoIT environments. The strength of con terra Technologies lies above all in its ability to implement complex and individual requirements.

Our service portfolio in the ArcGIS environment includes the following areas:


  • Consulting and conception of possible implementations of ArcGIS
  • Installation and configuration of components from the ArcGIS product range by certified employees
  • Design of Esri Software systems in consideration of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Individual specialized solutions based on the ArcGIS platform and complementary technologies
  • Professional expertise and broad experience in our target markets


About Esri
Esri is the world's leading provider of geographical information systems. The ArcGIS geo-plattform supports organizations in the private and public sectors in transforming big data, as well as real-time and geodata, into profitable information. More than 350,000 customers worldwide, including 75 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, numerous governments, around 20,000 cities and over 7,000 universities rely on ArcGIS.
Esri Platinum Partner
Esri and con terra

Esri Inc. has a worldwide partner network (EPN) of more than 2,000 companies and organizations. Clearly defined selection criteria and high quality standards provide security for both Esri partners and their customers. 


con terra has the status of Platinum Partner in the EPN, one of only 15 companies worldwide to achieve this status. con terra has received several awards for innovative customer solutions and outstanding achievements in the integration of GeoIT solutions into the business processes of companies. By participating in the "Release Ready Specialty" and "ArcGIS Online Specialty" programs, Esri also attests that con terra's value-added products, solutions and services are in line with the current technology of the ArcGIS platform, and ideally complement it.

Esri Release Ready

Individuality for the ArcGIS platform


Fine-grained access control for ArcGIS Enterprise


All aspects within a single framework



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