con terra Technologies

con terra’s solution platform for the development of individual and sustainable Geo-IT solutions.

The software components of con terra Technologies integrate perfectly into the ArcGIS platform and cover all standard requirements of modern Geo-IT environments. The strength of con terra Technologies lies in its ability to implement complex and individual requirements. Customers and users benefit here from the openness of the interfaces, which enables functional extensions, the connection of third-party systems or the integration of any data. The resulting solutions offer a very positive user experience which is oriented to the requirements of the users and their business processes - and not vice versa.


Used individually, the components of con terra Technologies are able to close gaps in existing Geo-IT environments. Together, they offer a comprehensive and cross-sector solution platform.

Software solutions

Software solutions


Individuality for the ArcGIS platform

map.apps Extensions

Expand the standard map.apps solution


Finding data the smart way

smart.finder SDI

Intuitively controllable geo-metadata management


Fine-grained access control for Geo-Services

security.manager - ArcGIS Edition

Fine-grained access control for ArcGIS for Server


Analytics and Monitoring for Geo Apps and Services

Cloud solutions


Cloud solutions

con terra data services

Ready-to-use geodata for your processes