Extended support for FME Flow in service.monitor


New version 4.8 now available

The analytics and monitoring solution service.monitor offers a holistic and centralized view of the operation and use of GeoIT solutions. With the current version 4.8, support for FME Flow in particular has been further improved and the deployment and integration of the solution has been greatly simplified by means of script-based automation.


Comprehensive integration of FME Flow

FME Flow from Safe Software is an essential component of many GeoIT solutions. Due to its high relevance, it is crucial to ensure operational and functional security. service.monitor not only enables the monitoring of operational stability, but also provides FME administrators with tools to identify functional and workspace-related problems. This includes the graphical visualization of engine utilization, the analysis of exceptional situations via FME dashboards and fast and targeted searches in the FME Flow log database.

service.monitor 4.8 – FME Flow Dashboard

Accelerated insights through simpler commissioning

Fast deployment of service.monitor is crucial for gaining timely insights to improve the GeoIT infrastructure or to send alerts in an emergency. To this end, service.monitor offers a greatly simplified setup and optimized integration into the ongoing operation of your infrastructure. This includes the increased use of established scripting languages, such as Python scripts for the integration of FME Flow, as well as the simplification of the technical architecture.



About service.monitor


service.monitor ensures operational and usage transparency in modern GeoIT solutions by bringing together information from all components involved in a solution architecture in one place. This includes log data and information from Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise, con terra Technologies products, FME Flow from Safe Software and many other sources.

This information is made searchable and analyzable. This universal solution, which can be adapted to different requirements, makes information relevant to specific applications visible to different user groups and managers.



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