Transparent operational and usage monitoring for Geo-IT infrastructures


service.monitor provides transparent operational and usage monitoring for modern Geo-IT infrastructures by bringing together,in one place, information from all the critical building blocks involved in a solution architecture.


More than just service monitoring
Geo-IT solutions are usually composed of a variety of components, products and technologies. In addition to standard IT products, these include GeoIT -specific software such as Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise or FME Flow from Safe Software. service.monitor integrates within existing Geo-IT infrastructures, brings together many information sources, monitors services, and provides a variety of charts and analyses to help with operations, current state mapping, and service planning and consolidation. service.monitor provides insights based on data that make the dependencies between components transparent, and enables GIS administrators to react faster to problem situations as well as iteratively improve their own solution.



Monitoring - Quality Assurance for Geo-Services

Monitoring and oversight form a safety net for operating a Geo-IT solution. Thanks to periodic checks of the availability of services and applications, and appropriate alerts, problems that arise can be solved promptly. service.monitor supports a wide range of Geo-IT services (e.g. OGC, ArcGIS, FME). In addition, individual queries on the collected operational data can be used as triggers for administrative warning notifications.



Operational data and logging

Operational data and logging from almost all sub-components of the Geo-IT solution are accessible in one place: This enables a transparent all-round view and convenient, comprehensive access to information with operational relevance. The information helps with commissioning, real-time assessment of ArcGIS Server workloads, and tracking activities across different software products.

  • Aggregation of many Geo-IT infrastructure operational data
  • Convenient search and filter options
  • ArcGIS Server workload analysis



Analytics and usage behavior
Data on the usage of a Geo-IT infrastructure says a lot about its acceptance and success. They help to match expected with actual usage. Based on this knowledge, decisions can be made to make your solution better. Analytics data on usage behavior is collected by service.monitor explicitly (e.g. in map.apps) or derived from collected data (e.g. ArcGIS Enterprise).

Use cases and examples


Notify me when map service is down.


What is the workload of my FME engines during the day?


How many failed Portal for ArcGIS login attempts have there been?


What is the utilization trend of my ArcGIS server in the last six months?


How many users are using each map.apps application?


How many timeouts were produced in my ArcGIS landscape?


Has the FME job been successful tonight?

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