Optimised geodata use with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a key factor in future-oriented infrastructures. The full potential of your geodata can be tapped only with GeoAI. Through the integration of custom-fit AI components, hidden patterns can be discovered, new insights can be gained, and processes can be optimised by taking over labour-intensive routine tasks. The GeoAI experts from con terra support you in this process – from the development of initial project ideas to the integration of AI into your processes and even monitoring.



Challenge and opportunity

Face the exponential data growth and increasing complexity with new technological approaches. Artificial intelligence helps here. It can simplify or automate time-consuming work processes and gain new insights from hidden information. Through the targeted embedding of AI, data processing evolves from a mammoth task to an opportunity that helps you generate significant added value in an automated way.

GeoAI 360°

Our range of services is customised and comprehensive: Together with you, our GeoAI experts develop suitable approaches and analysis procedures, select tools and define the appropriate AI measures that will raise your geodata use to a new level. From the development of initial project approaches to success monitoring – individually bookable, always transparent, and in comprehensible steps. We call it GeoAI 360°.


GeoAI 360

GeoAI Discovery

AI knowledge from the ground up: Our 2-day workshop GeoAI Discovery is a good way to approach the topic of AI and geodata. The aim of the workshop is to figure out one's own requirements and to identify potentials and the feasible starting points. While the first day of the workshop lays the foundation of knowledge for the use of artificial intelligence in connection with geodata, developing use cases together on the second day helps build a good starting point for your own projects.

GeoAI Database

The suitable database: Based on your requirements, we research the relevant data for your GeoAI project. Together with you, we examine existing databases and supplement them with additional data sources. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how in the field of geodata preparation and integration.

GeoAI Prototyping

A customised solution that fits: Do you know your database and what result you are aiming for? What is missing then is the solution tailored to your requirements. With this in mind, we develop an initial prediction model and visualise it in a simple form. By developing a prototype and testing it, your customised solution scenario is created. In this way, you ensure that only measures that are really purposeful are implemented.

GeoAI Building and Integration

Solution embedding in your processes: Do you have a prototype that corresponds exactly to your ideas? Then we will develop it in such a way that it can be used productively. The focus is on the optimal integration of the GeoAI solution into your existing processes, applications, and infrastructure.

GeoAI Operations

AI never stops learning: You can rely on us even for the productive operation of your GeoAI solution. With individual support models, we mainly support you with advanced data integration projects, the implementation of new functions, and the retraining of the AI components used. In this way, you guarantee the quality and efficiency of your solution and thus sustainably secure your AI investment.

Your benefits


Modular approach


Flexibility and full cost control


Expertise in data management and integration


Analysis of different AI measures


Customised solution development


Embedding in existing processes


Success monitoring

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