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Real Estate - The aspect of location

The life cycle of a real estate property is concerned on many levels with the aspect of location. These range from planning to use phases and ultimately include recycling. Local processes and decisions play a significant role. It is therefore all the more important that the right tools are employed in dealing with these questions.

Site analysis

Determining values and conveying them


Whether residential, commercial or office properties, the location and surroundings of the property are decisive factors. Analyse spatial positions and assess locations on the basis of external market information. Make competent decisions and communicate location criteria transparently. 

Portfolio management

Targeted optimisation and control


From corporates to council housing associations, managing key figures in business intelligence systems is of central importance. Using location analytics solutions enables you to keep sight of relevant information. If required, this can be enriched with spatial market information. 

Property management

Enhance quality and efficiency


Site-related and commercial information are often managed separately. FME-based solutions that integrate both systems avoid media discontinuities and redundant data storage. Data quality is enhanced and work is done more efficiently. 

Real estate business

Workforce management


The right resource at the right time in the right place – field staff are controlled quickly and systematically with smart maps and supplied with information at mobile locations, just when it is required.

Real estate portal

Search and be found


If you search, you will find. At least sometimes. If you use maps in your searches you will find what you need – or you might also be found yourself – and more quickly. Implement and operate map-based web portals with map.apps, simply, scalably and cost-effectively. 


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