A full, future-proof range of products and services

In recent years, con terra has played a decisive role in setting up the INSPIRE infrastructure on European and national levels, with its professional implementational and operational concepts and  its mature software solutions.

With SDI & INSPIRE, con terra offers a full, future-proof range of products and services that minimises the cost required to implement INSPIRE – while maximising the quality of services. This not only fulfils the requirements of the INSPIRE directive and GDI-DE regulations, but it raises the provision of geodata, visualisation, analysis and processing onto a modern and forward-looking, service-based architecture. 



In 2007, the European Commission passed Directive 2007/2/EC on the 'Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe', or INSPIRE for short. Its purpose is to create a uniform European spatial database that is accessible via geoservices. 

The member states of the Community are working intensively to gradually provide environmentally relevant, interoperable geodata and the associated metainformation by 2020. The aim is to simplify the cross-border use of geodata in Europe and to create a basis for political decisions.


INSPIRE quick check & recommended implementation



Determine customer-specific INSPIRE requirements and identify individual need for action on the basis of a target/performance analysis


Present and discuss concepts for hosting INSPIRE services


Devise a rough concept for the necessary technical INSPIRE components, taking into account IT-technical, organisational and economic boundary conditions


Technological and architectural consultancy



Structure and operation of an SDI node (operational model, SDI components – services, securing, monitoring)


INSPIRE data harmonisation


SDI solution (metadata search, geovisualisation)


Strategic consultancy



Support in the course of strategic decision-making processes, e.g. in the development of operator models for SDI & INSPIRE services, in laying down SDI roadmaps and integrating open data strategies


Regarding the structure of SDI & INSPIRE, con terra uses custom-tailored and mature standard products of its own brand as well as those made by market leaders Esri and Safe Software.

The technology stack comprising map.apps, smart.finder, license.manager, security.manager, service.monitor, ArcGIS for INSPIRE, FME and INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME supports the user in:


Transferring existing geodatasets into the required in INSPIRE data structures


Publishing (non-) harmonised geodata via OGC and INSPIRE services


Securing the INSPIRE quality requirements


Implementing requirements relating to access protection and monitoring


Creating and managing INSPIRE/ISO metadata


Structuring metadata catalogues


Integrating geodata from open data portals


Searching and visualising INSPIRE information in web applications


Applications are the key to extracting the value of SDI/INSPIRE infrastructures in the business processes of both e-government and private business. 

This is precisely where con terra supports and implements industry-specific SDI/INSPIRE solutions in accordance with customer requirements, using mature standard products based on technology stacks of ArcGIS, FME, sdi.suite and map.apps.


For con terra, training success means purposefully being to implement what you have learned in practice. The training we offer includes fundamental information relating to SDI and INSPIRE as well as specific product and topic-based seminars.


If you would like to receive information on our training offers in the field of SDI & INSPIRE, please contact our training team at

Further information

In our brochure "Ready for INSPIRE" we have compiled some further information on the subject for you.


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