Nature and Environment
Integrating sustainable specialist solutions

con terra integrates GIS technology in environmental processes and realises custom specialist solutions for environmental applications. We offer our customers an excellent level of technical know-how combined with specialist expertise in the field of environmental technology. We place great emphasis on close, trust-based cooperations with our customers. As a member of the Esri Deutschland Group, we implement our sustainable specialist solutions on the basis of the ArcGIS platform.

Legal regulations such as the EU Water Framework and Habitats directives demand regular recording, analysis and management of environmental information. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that data is provided in a form that is suitable for official bodies and institutions, for instance, by complying with the INSPIRE Directive, and for the public, in the wake of the Spatial Data Accessibility Law, Environmental Information Law, and Open Data, etc. This requires mapping complex technical workflows that involve many agents from a variety of organisations. Public participation, crowd sourcing and citizen science are examples of fields that are now becoming increasingly important and merging seamlessly with traditional processes.



Management of complex mapping campaigns that involve environmental data


Enterprise Social Media GIS – seamless integration of collaboration platforms and GIS business processes


Integrating sensor data


Managing conservation data


Building up fundamental technical and process libraries of water-management data


Cross-media provision of environmental information


Mapping water-body structure solutions

Case Studies
Solutions for the environmental sector


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