Esri Europ. Developer Summit

A brief review


Esri European Developer Summit 2023


Esri European Developer Summit 2023 The Esri European Developer Summit 2023, recently held in Berlin, was an event that brought together developers, GIS experts, and technology enthusiasts from across Europe. Organized by Esri Inc., the world's leading company in Geographic Information Systems, the three-day conference once again provided a successful platform for intensive knowledge exchange, networking, and exploration of the latest developments in the world of geoinformatics. Attendees were welcomed with an inspiring opening speech emphasizing the significance of spatial data in today's digital world.


Esri European Developer Summit 2023


The conference covered a wide range of topics, including advanced GIS technologies, innovative applications, and the future of spatial data analysis. At the heart of the summit were numerous technical sessions, offering participants the opportunity to deepen their skills in GIS application development. From beginner to advanced topics, the events encompassed a wide array of tools, programming languages, and frameworks that developers can leverage for their projects.


Esri European Developer Summit 2023


con terra actively supported the conference as a sponsor, exhibitor, and through technical contributions. In their presentation titled "Developing Digital Twins to Shape a Sustainable Future," Mischa Giese and Stefan Blume inspired the audience by providing insights into topics such as Digital Twins, Green Coding, and Open Collaboration, showcasing how Esri's technology can be supportive in this context. Equally impressive was Martin Scherpinski's contribution, delivering a talk on "Providing Fine Grained Access Control to OGC API Features." Audiences gained valuable information on how the proven capabilities of security.manager for data access control can be applied to new service types implementing open standards and deployed via ArcGIS Enterprise.


Esri European Developer Summit 2023


The Esri European Developer Summit 2023 was not only a forum for innovation and expertise but also a gathering of the Dev family. Amidst exciting presentations and technological discoveries, the conference provided a unique opportunity for exchanging ideas with long-standing acquaintances and establishing new, valuable connections. Participants return with new ideas, skills, and contacts that will significantly impact their work in the geographic information systems domain.

We look forward to the continuation of the event next year and are eager to see what new developments the world of geoinformatics will bring forth by then.





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