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Your Solution. Our Approach. Our Technology.
Your Solution

GeoIT solutions are relevant - be it for the protection of our environment, hazard prevention, information dissemination, decision making or the optimization of business processes. They help to master the complex challenges of our time by helping recognise patterns, link information, and uncover relationships.


Our strength is the ability to plan, develop, operate and further develop tailor-made, cost-effective and well-integrated GeoIT solutions. In doing so, it is essential for us to always meet your requirements. Our approach to projects is a holistic full-service approach that creates individual and sustainable GeoIT solutions.

Your Advantages

User Focused

We put the user at the centre. Solutions are only successful if they have good usability and, in the process, guarantee a positive user experience (UX) for the user.


Our solutions always integrate into your existing infrastructure. This makes them perfectly suitable, even for complex IT landscapes.

A Perfect Fit

Our solutions are precisely tailored to your requirements and are aligned with your technical and IT context. Be it the correct presentation of information and relationships, comprehensible and efficient interaction, or seamless integration into existing business processes. We are happy to work closely with you to achieve these goals.


In a rapidly changing environment, it is crucial that solutions can be adapted quickly and easily. This is exactly what we enable through the use of our technologies and expert knowledge.

Simple and Aesthetically Pleasing

Our GeoIT solutions present complex issues in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way. We know that good design contributes significantly to the success of our solutions.

Open and Transparent

Our open platform technology and use of open interfaces allows us to work with you or your partners on the solution and combine different technologies into a seamless, overall solution.


A high level of standardization and automation allows us to get solutions up and running quickly and reliably. This allows us to react well to changes and keep the costs of our solutions low in terms of complexity and maintenance.


Satisfied customers are the best references!

Find out how we understand GeoIT solutions, what challenges we have mastered together with our customers and what our customers say about working with con terra.

Our Approach

We work according to the con terra approach: Design. Build. Run. Evolve. This ensures that we have a comprehensive view of all aspects of a GeoIT solution and can address them precisely. In this way, we create value-oriented, lasting and adaptive GeoIT solutions for our customers.

Christian Elfers, Chief Technology Officer


At the beginning of each project, our team of experts, individually assembled for you, analyses your requirements and problems in detail. Together with you, they develop a plan to work out the right GeoIT solution for you. We involve the users of the solution right at the beginning of the process, with the methods of user-centred design. In the process, we always think "out-of-the-box" in always looking for the optimal solution for you.


For your solution, we rely on a combination of expertise, customised programming, and a comprehensive portfolio of software modules. This is how we achieve maximum flexibility, dynamism and adaptability. We follow a standard pattern in the build process and rely on our proven platform technology. Regardless of whether it is a classic process model or an agile process. The focus is on success.


As soon as your new GeoIT solution is ready for use, we integrate it precisely into your infrastructure and existing systems. If you wish, we can also operate your GeoIT solution for you as a cloud service. We also provide comprehensive training for your users. Should you ever have a problem during operation, our support team is there for you. This is how we keep your GeoIT fully operational at all times.


GeoIT solutions from con terra are always designed to be durable and lasting. Should your requirements change over time, we are always able to adapt your solution accordingly. But you do not necessarily have to approach us with new requirements. The evaluation of our solutions is a continuous process for us. We think along with you and actively come to you with new suggestions.

The basis for your solutions
Our Technology

Even though we always implement your GeoIT solution in a highly customised way, our approach and the technology which we use are not. Over the years, we have established a successful technology stack that makes your projects so successful.


Eingesetzte Technologien


con terra technologies

Our software portfolio for creating GeoIT solutions

The strength of our con terra technologies lies in their ability to implement complex and custom requirements in a simple and elegant way. The individual software products integrate perfectly into existing infrastructures and cover all standard requirements for modern GeoIT environments. Customers and users benefit from the openness of the interfaces. The resulting solutions offer a consistently positive user experience by being oriented towards the requirements of your users and their business processes – and not the other way round. Used individually, the components of con terra technologies close gaps in existing GeoIT environments. Bundled together, they offer a comprehensive and cross-sector portfolio for the creation of modern, open, and user-centric GeoIT solutions.


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con terra Technologies


A powerful base technology for Geo

The comprehensive ArcGIS technology stack offers a wide range of options for processing, analysing, or displaying geoinformation and related data. Functionally, there are hardly any limits set here. It is not for nothing that Esri is the world market leader in this field. The core technologies of ArcGIS have always played a central role in our ideas and approaches to the design, build and operation of solutions. Over the course of more than 25 years, we have built up and continuously developed the knowledge and skills needed to integrate ArcGIS products into our GeoIT solutions in a custom-fit and future-oriented manner. Our platinum partnership with Esri documents this impressively.


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Maximise the value of your data

The FME platform is a fully comprehensive data integration solution and supports hundreds of formats and applications with a special focus on the spatial domain. Prepare your data flexibly and make the most of it. The FME offers an intuitive user interface so that even complex workflows can be set up easily and without programming knowledge. The server technology allows integration processes to be fully automated. Regardless of whether event-driven or via fixed schedules, in the cloud or On-Premise. con terra is a long-standing partner of the manufacturer Safe Software and, as the "European Service Centre for FME", organises, for example, the European user FMEdays conference.


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Your advantages at a glance


  • A Perfect Fit
    Can be used individually or in combination as modules on the basis of our solution platform to create custom-fit GeoIT solutions.
  • Open and Modular
    Extensively configurable, seamless integration into solutions. Open interfaces create flexibility, our platform keeps things tidy.
  • Powerful Base Technology
    ArcGIS and FME technology. Can be combined with other technologies via open standards.
  • Lasting and Secure
    Through defined life cycles, lasting and adaptive GeoIT solutions that can be continuously optimised. Our defined processes and procedures ensure that security aspects are identified and taken into account at an early stage.
  • Users at the Centre
    User-centric design. GeoIT solutions that in their application are efficient, easy to use, barrier-free and fun to use. 
  • Cloud and Classic
    Classic as well as cloud-based applications are supported. Extensive automation options facilitate professional operation.



Design. Build. Run. Evolve.


Christian Elfers, con terra

Christian Elfers

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