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security.manager NEXT

With security.manager NEXT, con terra is opening a new chapter in the 15-year success story of the security.manager product family for fine-grained authorization of GIS services. It combines the individual advantages of the previous security.manager products and opens the door to digitalization.  

Automation NEXT

The tasks of GIS administrators are becoming increasingly diverse. In order not to drown in redundant routine tasks, security.manager helps by supporting full automation capability and the use of a highly efficient rights model. This leaves more time for creative tasks.  

Operations NEXT 

Whether GIS in the cloud, stage, dev, UAT or other environments, with security.manager NEXT, authorization structures can be easily stored in repositories such as Git and thus processed in a versioned and distributed manner. Different environments can be populated with any version of your authorization structure. Continuous delivery pipelines also make it possible to apply new authorizations to any environment at the push of a button. 



Integration NEXT 

security.manager NEXT integrates tightly into existing GIS landscapes, just like an extension, and operates fully transparently. Since it can be added to existing infrastructures in a minimally invasive way, it is the ideal solution for additional security in any GIS. 

Spatial authorization with security.manager NEXT


Usability NEXT 

In developing security.manager NEXT, we took a user-centered design approach. With the help of user workshops, tests and user studies, we created a product with the highest usability, designed for efficient task completion in the best possible way. One example of this is the ability to quickly evaluate and display current user permissions.

What’s coming NEXT? 

The first release is aimed at ArcGIS Enterprise users who want to secure map and feature services in a more fine-grained way - on layer, feature, field and spatial level. However, the future scope is broader - from supporting pure ArcGIS Server setups to any OGC API Server implementations. 


If you would also like to benefit from the advantages of the new security.manager NEXT, please contact us. You are welcome to test security.manager NEXT free of charge and without obligation.



Spatial authorization with security.manager NEXT



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