Makes Sharing Data Smarter, Easier and More Secure

con terra’s security.manager allows you to assign individual access permissions to different user groups, ensuring that everyone gets access only to what they are entitled to while saving time and resources.


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The Security Concept

security.manager adds fine-grained access control to ArcGIS Enterprise services, right down to layer, spatial, object and field level. While a service is published only once, security.manager will filter the content provided to different users in accordance to the rights granted to each user’s group.

In doing this, security.manager provides a consistent user experience together with a holistic security approach. Permissions need to be explicitly expressed in the system, and users will not get any information about the existence of content they are not entitled to. Everything that is not explicitly allowed is automatically denied, thereby ensuring that access cannot be granted by accident. Take control of your services.


Making Sharing Data Easier

The usual way to deliver specific content to different user groups is to publish a separate service for each group, along with any accompanying apps needed to use that service. This may mean chopping up data for specific areas, creating maps with only the layers needed by that group or manually filtering each layer to limit what objects different users may see. Generally spending a lot of time managing data, services, and apps.

security.manager makes sharing data easier by giving you the tools to dynamically filter content from a single service. By defining a filter for each group of users that need different levels of access, you are automatically saving hours of work you would otherwise spend on creating custom services and apps. Be more efficient and free your time for more important GIS work.

Making Sharing Data Smarter

The beauty of a smart security system lies in its transparency. A user working with a service protected by security.manager will not even realize that security measures are in place. Adding security.manager to a service will not change the user experience, nor will it have a noticeable impact on performance. By integrating seamlessly, users will work as they do with every other service, just limited to the content they need, while the ArcGIS admins can be sure their data is even more secure.


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Making Sharing Data More Secure

security.manager allows for the easy definition of fine-grained access rights, making your data more secure. It takes just a few clicks to assign permissions for resources, and a few more clicks to create additional filters on feature, field or spatial level. Once a right is created, it is already active, and access is granted accordingly.



security.manager NEXT




Extend ArcGIS Enterprise with fine-grained access control.


Use a single service to deliver personalized content to each user group.


Save costs and efforts through more efficient use of time.


Increase security through well-defined access rights management.


Over 15 years in the market, mature and widely accepted.

Without security.manager, we would still keep our geodata in the closet and inaccessible. security.manager opens up complete new possibilities to offer GIS-based web services controlling access precisely for users with different permissions.

Eugen Gass - Wintershall Holding GmbH, Germany


security.manager integrates perfectly into ArcGIS infrastructures, but will also be usable for alternative GIS systems based on OGC standards in the future.

Based on many years of experience in the context of geo-security and as a result of a consistent user-centered design, security.manager is optimally tailored to the needs of GIS administrators:


The tasks of GIS administrators are becoming increasingly diverse. In order not to drown in redundant routine tasks, security.manager helps by supporting full automation capability and the use of a highly efficient rights model. This leaves more time for creative tasks. 


Whether GIS in the cloud, stage, dev, UAT or other environments, with security.manager NEXT, authorization structures can be easily stored in repositories such as Git and thus processed in a versioned and distributed manner. Different environments can be populated with any version of your authorization structure. Continuous delivery pipelines also make it possible to apply new authorizations to any environment at the push of a button. 


security.manager NEXT integrates tightly into existing GIS landscapes, just like an extension, and operates fully transparently. Since it can be added to existing infrastructures in a minimally invasive way, it is the ideal solution for additional security in any GIS.

security.manager has made it possible to create one web map and one web app for each department and control how each operates. Without security.manager, we could only achieve fine level control by creating a large number of apps, map services or web maps.

Keith Gerharz - City of Winter Park, Florida

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Making Sharing Data easier, smarter and more secure!

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