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Maps and analyses supply robust answers

Addressing target groups, tapping into new potential and assessing the POS – maps and analyses with ArcGIS supply robust answers to spatial questions in the retail trade.


Locating and evaluating sites


Whether expansion or consolidation – every POS has its own characteristics and presents its own challenges. It is then all the more important that you understand the site factors involved. Decision-making then becomes more transparent and secure.


Addressing customers at the right time and in the right place


Minimise dispersion losses. Win customers and keep them. Talk to target groups when they are near the POS. This is very simple using the Geofencing functions of the Esri Geotrigger Service. The success of a campaign can be comfortably measured using existing BI Tools.

Sales controlling

Measuring success and locating potential


Seeing is understanding.  Display your business statistics on maps and you will have a better understanding of the spatial dynamics of your sales. Simply add smart maps to your existing business intelligence systems. Location analytics solutions discover potentials, support you in challenges and control your sales in accordance with potential. 

Product assortment

Planning according to requirements


Modify your product assortment to the profile of your catchment area. Avoid slow sellers. Only stock products that customers actually ask for. All of this is possible using ArcGIS.

Field staff

Targeted support and systematic control


Whether with a mobile app or a browser application in the office: provide field staff with the information they need to work efficiently. Tour schedules and information from business systems are ready to hand at all times. 


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