We're here for you!

Information on the current corona situation


We're here for you!

The con terra team continues to be fully operational during the Corona crisis.


The novel coronavirus is currently forcing us to radically alter our entire lives. At con terra, we see it as our duty to do our bit to contain the rapid spread of the virus and to contribute to overcoming the crisis with the means and expertise at our disposal.


  • con terra founded a task force early on, which bundles concerns relating to the topic, provides information, sets rules of conduct and is the contact point for employees and customers. If you have any questions or problems relating to the subject, please get in touch with your con terra contact person directly or e-mail us at corona@conterra.de
  • For actors who are dealing with the crisis, options exist to provide licenses in an unbureaucratic manner, as well as tools and expertise. We would also like to inform you about the COVID-19 FME licence program that con terra actively supports.
  • In addition, we enable transparent access to current corona data via a COVID-19 map application. The application can be found at: https://corona.conterra.de.


We live digitization


We have been living digitization since well before corona. After all, although our company location with all its co-working spaces, meeting rooms and communal areas is designed for intensive personal exchange, the order of the day is to shift personal contact to digital spaces. Our tried and tested digital work processes, the tools at our disposal and the entirely cloud-based IT infrastructure enable us to work anywhere.


In the current situation, we have reduced business trips, face-to-face meetings and direct customer contact to that which is absolutely necessary. In addition, a large part of our workforce is working from home to provide the virus with as small a target as possible.


What does this mean for you?


For you as a con terra customer, nothing will change. Support, project work and software development continue as normal. Only face-to-face events such as training courses and events that were set to take place in the near future may be restricted. We are already working hard to find alternative solutions here, too. But, to be honest, we are very much hoping to meet you face-to-face again soon.


If you currently need support, are starting new projects or want to talk about your digital transformation options, we are happy to help. We would also love to hear any suggestions and ideas you may have – let's stay in touch and master this challenge together.


We wish you and your colleagues, your families, all your relatives and friends all the best!


On behalf of the con terra team


Karl Wiesmann, Uwe König


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Uwe König, Managing Director

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Karl Wiesmann

Karl Wiesmann, Managing Director

+49 251 59689 300