Trends in Geospatial Data

Webinar: GeoAI – Geospatial Artificial Intelligence


Trends in Geospatial Data, the official portal for data on Europe, offers courses in the framework of the data.europa academy to promote data literacy around open data.


Together with 52°North, con terra manages the part of that concerns geospatial data: Geoharvesting, Gazetteer and the visualisation of geospatial and real-time data. In this context, we regularly identify current trends in the geodata community and examine their potential impact on the European Data Portal. 


On 08 September 2023 at 10:00 AM, an webinar will be held on this topic as part of the data.europa academy. This year's webinar will focus on the topic of GeoAI - Geospatial Artificial Intelligence. After a presentation introducing GeoAI, the online participants will discuss the relevance of GeoAI for The following questions will be asked:

  • What opportunities arise for from this trend?
  • How can benefit from the use of GeoAI?
  • How could support the use of GeoAI?


We invite everyone to join the webinar and participate in the discussion. We are looking forward to be part of this project and to exchange views on current trends in the field of geospatial data together with different participants from the geospatial community. 


Following the webinar, a report of the findings will be published. 
You can download the latest report "Geospatial Trends 2022" as a PDF here.


Dr. Thore Fechner

Dr. Thore Fechner

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