security.manager NEXT 1.2

Extended authorisation options


Extended authorisation options

With the release 1.2 of security.manager NEXT, numerous functions have been implemented that offer new application possibilities and significantly improve the use of the software. From now on, users can use external information for authorisation in security.manager via a generic user information interface. With this extension, security.manager leaves the narrow limits of user information available in the GIS and can make use of data from third-party systems or data repositories. Users thus benefit from an increased scope of authorisation and expand flexibility for the sharing of information. 


Optimised deployment for ArcGIS users


As a Platinum Partner of Esri Inc., special attention was also paid to the optimised use of security.manager in connection with ArcGIS. Thus, the functions of security.manager NEXT can now also be used in ArcGIS environments that use unfederated ArcGIS servers. Another new feature is the ability to protect the OGC WMS interface of the ArcGIS Server by security.manager. This means that applications and clients which are not based on ArcGIS technology can now use security.manager-protected WMS services.


Further improvements


In addition to these enhancements to the scope of use, a new editor component for managing access rights has been added to the security.manager web interface, which now offers suggestion lists and immediate validation. Furthermore, the release includes an improved usability of the rights explorer as well as improved error output of the Command Line Interface (CLI).


In order to use all new functionalities of security.manager NEXT, you only need to update your current version. If you are not yet in possession of a security.manager licence, we would be happy to convince you of the diverse functions within a live demo.


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