security.manager NEXT

Precise permissions, working offline and more efficient memory usage


security.manager NEXT 1.1

Precise permissions, working offline and more efficient memory usage

security.manager NEXT extends ArcGIS Enterprise with additional functionality enabling fine-grained access control, making sharing of data easier, smarter and more secure. With the newly published 1.1 release, many practical and frequently requested functions are now available to the users.  


Editing permissions

A significant innovation is the ability to restrict editing permissions to dedicated ArcGIS feature layers. In concrete terms this means that, for example, employees of a planning office may edit the layers relevant to them, but cannot change parcel data, even though they have an ArcGIS user type with editing rights. 


security.manager 1.1 – Editier-Berechtigung
Abb. 1: security.manager 1.1 – Editing Permissions

Offline support

As soon as it goes into the field and no continuous online connection is secured, geodata must be replicated and downloaded to the mobile end devices - for example when using ArcGIS Field Maps or the Collector App. With security.manager NEXT, authorisations can now also be enforced for these offline scenarios. In this way, mobile workers can be assigned exactly the access rights to objects or spatial regions that they need to complete their tasks.


Shared instances

In order to efficiently use available memory during operation, it is possible for ArcGIS Enterprise services to share the system memory ("shared instances"). The new release of security.manager NEXT supports this possibility, so that the efficiency advantages can also be profited from when using security.manager. 


And what else?

Many detail improvements to the user interface and automation make working with security.manager NEXT even easier and provide an improved user experience. And of course security.manager NEXT 1.1 is now compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.x. 



security.manager 1.1 – mobile device
Abb. 2: security.manager 1.1 – Mobile Device



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