Review of the INSPIRE 2020 Virtual Conference

presentations and videos online


Review of the INSPIRE 2020 Virtual Conference

Due to the current situation, this year' s INSPIRE Conference 2020 took place in the setting of a virtual conference. Thanks to interesting online sessions and workshops, the participants were nevertheless able to exchange information and create networks.


con terra has also gladly used this opportunity to enter into a lively exchange with the INSPIRE community - at least from a distance - and was involved in three workshops.



Presentations and videos are now online


The presentations are now available on the conference homepage:



Even as a digital event, the INSPIRE Conference was a great success and created true value for all participants due to lively discussions and varied contributions from the community. With a lot of new input in our luggage we are already looking forward to coming to Croatia next year!


The INSPIRE 2021 Conference scheduled for 11-14th May, 2021 in Dubrovnik!


Thomas Wojaczek, con terra

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