Inspire Conference 2021

Presentations and recordings online


Presentations and recordings online

Following the title "Towards a Common European Green Deal data space for environment and sustainability", Esri founder Jack Dangermond kicked off this year's virtual conference with an inspiring keynote: Keynote Introduction - Jack Dangermond


It was followed by five days of keynotes, tech tracks and workshops focusing on the main themes " The political roadmap - Green data for all", "Green data" and "The architectural roadmap ".


con terra at the INSPIRE Conference 2021


As an important date for the INSPIRE community, the INSPIRE conference has been an integral part of con terra's event calendar for many years. The event focused on a holistic view of the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. For this reason, an evaluation from the perspective of the geoinformation industry was also an essential part of the agenda. Along with other important players in the "geoinformation industry", con terra was invited to review the situation and outline its own view on the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive so far, as well as to present possible perspectives for the future. The track "Past, present and future of INSPIRE: an industry perspective" is available on the event website:


Recording: (3:30 p.m.)

Presentation slides: Locate the Future: INSPIRE and Open Data in Europe 


Especially interesting in this track was the presentation by Jill Saligoe-Simmel, who introduced the new ArcGIS INSPIRE Open Data solution by Esri: Balancing Business and Technical Requirements. ArcGIS INSPIRE Open Data is a standards-based solution for European authorities that makes INSPIRE easier to implement and integrate. We are proud to have been able to actively support Esri in the implementation of this solution with the INSPIRE Esri Geodatabase as alternative encodings.


Our partner Safe Software also commented on the implementation and future of the INSPIRE Directive in the presentation „Origins, Obstacles and Opportunities Solution Approaches and Experiences from an FME perspective“. The session focused on how FME has developed to provide the best possible technical support for the implementation of INSPIRE.


Much has been achieved since the INSPIRE Directive was adopted in 2007 and we at con terra are glad to have been involved in this example of European integration from the very beginning. This year's INSPIRE conference gave us the opportunity to look to the future with optimism: We look forward to contributing to the further shaping of INSPIRE and helping to drive the transformation of complex spatial data infrastructures that have emerged from legal obligations into flexible, open, agile and future-proof data ecosystems.


Presentations now available online


All presentations and recordings are available on the conference homepage and can be also accessed by those who were not registered for the conference:


The INSPIRE 2022 conference is planned as a hybrid event in Dubrovnik in May 2022. We are already looking forward to meeting a large number of the INSPIRE community in person again by joining them in Croatia next year!



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