High Value Datasets

Results of the INSPIRE 2020 web session of the European Data Portal


High Value Datasets

As part of the virtual INSPIRE 2020 conference, con terra and other partners of the European Data Portal organised an online workshop on "High Value Datasets". A total of 177 participants from the INSPIRE community attended the workshop and exchanged their experiences of data provision.


General background information


The recast of the Directive on the re-use of public sector information (the former "Public Sector Information" or PSI Directive) aims to make data from publicly funded sources more accessible.


In this context, the Open Data Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/1024) introduces the term "High Value Datasets" (HVD). These data must be provided by EU member states free of charge, in machine-readable form and via an API. Which data will be considered "high value datasets" is still being defined by the European Commission with the involvement of the member states. So far, the new directive lists the following thematic categories:


  1. Geospatial
  2. Earth observation and environment
  3. Meteorological
  4. Statistics
  5. Companies and company ownership
  6. Mobility


Results of the Workshop


A summary of Lessons learned from INSPIRE for the implementation of High Value Datasets was published in the European Data Portal.


The presentation and the video recording can be found online: "High value datasets: What are the lessons learned from INSPIRE?"


Thanks to the digital nature of the event, a broad audience was able to participate in the workshop, which resulted in an intensive exchange of views on the topic of high value datasets. The con terra experts were pleased with this, as it clearly confirmed the relevance of this topic.


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