GeoAI at INTERGEO 2019

con terra shows the benefits of artificial intelligence in GeoIT.


GeoAI auf der INTERGEO 2019

con terra shows the benefits of artificial intelligence in GeoIT.


At its 25th anniversary, INTERGEO, the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, attracted 18,000 visitors to the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. Under the theme "Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth", more than 700 exhibitors representing the industry from 42 countries presented themselves - including, of course, con terra.


Experience GeoAI live.


Through an interactive GeoAI quiz, con terra filled its trade fair motif with life. Interested visitors could test their geographical knowledge and talk to the con terra Technologies. The event attracted a lot of attention and caused a lively drive on the booth. In addition to the fun factor, the installation showed how space-related issues can be solved more effectively by using artificial intelligence methods.

In this context, the customers also informed themselves about the possibilities of GeoAI as an integral feature of the con terra Technologies and exchanged technical improvements and questions with our colleagues.

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A brain as an eye-catcher.


Not only the activities on the booth were tailored to the GeoAI theme. Visually, a huge brain printed with maps formed the highlight of the open and invitingly designed booth. This also made it an ideal setting for a small social event on the second evening of the fair. Here, partners and customers could exchange experiences with the con terra crew in a relaxed atmosphere - a good opportunity to deepen personal contacts and discuss ideas.


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