See what others can't

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Esri UC 2019

See what others can't

San Diego. Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of Esri Inc., delighted the audience at the Convention Center with an impressive kick-off event for the Esri User Conference 2019. More than 20,000 GIS experts from all over the world made the 39th Esri UC once again the largest GIS event worldwide.  


"See what others can't" - the motto of the UC was the motivation: It is about researching the connection of people and technologies between organizations and communities, about changing their way of seeing, thinking and acting in a positive sense. 
In the plenary, Dangermond and his guests inspired the audience to reflect. To the fore, using GI systems to gain a deeper understanding and effect positive change - to see what is not obvious. Finally, a special highlight of the plenary was a conversation Dangermond had with two of the most important behavioral and natural scientists of our time: Jane Goodall and E.O. Wilson.

Jack Dangermond
Dangermond, Godall, Wilson
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„Security for ArcGIS“

con terra also played its part in the success of UC 2019. As a sponsor and exhibitor at UC Expo, con terra focused on the central topic of security. Specifically, it was about securing ArcGIS services with security.manager. "Security for ArcGIS" was the appropriate motto, which attracted many visitors to the con terra stand. Here they had the opportunity to talk about fine-grained access controls and the efficient definition of individual permissions, as well as how security.manager can make data sharing much easier.

An important aspect at UC is always the establishment of new contacts and the deepening of existing ones. The intensive transfer of knowledge and the direct exchange with Esri Inc. and other partners is decisive for con terra. These are important building blocks for consolidating and maintaining our leading technological role. This enables con terra's customers to benefit promptly from current developments, as these are taken into use at an early stage in the development of our products and solutions. 

Finally, hundreds of lectures, seminars, user contributions, presentations and technical workshops, which form the core of the UC, provided a lot of new and interesting information from all over the world. The conference programme was complemented by social events such as the morning 5K Fun Walk/Run - even though the event required some motivation from the international starting field due to the early start before the conference.


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