Esri Partner Conference 2023

A Review


A review on the Esri Partner Conference 2023

What is the future business strategy of Esri Inc. and do new technology trends have an impact on the extensive ArcGIS product range and the partner program?

The Esri Partner Conference (EPC) once again focused on the positioning of the world's leading provider of GIS technology during the three-day conference in Palm Springs. In this way, Esri provided participants with valuable insights into current developments and strategies, both on-site and virtually.


From the 4th to the 6th of March 2023, we were on site in Palm Springs and were able to follow the inspiring opening speech of Jack Dangermond live.

The sustainable use of our planet's resources and their protection was the defining topic. Dangermond, as well as Kareem Yusuf, IBM's Senior Vice President, Product Management and Growth, who took up the topic again in his closing keynote, used impressive examples to show how the GIS and IT industry can have a positive influence in this area.


We are particularly proud to be able to make a significant contribution to this topic with our solutions and to have been mentioned by Jack Dangermond as a best practice example in the context of the DolWin5 project. Together with the transmission system operator TenneT TSO, we ensure a consistent planning view for all parties involved and help to be able to efficiently feed the generated electricity from offshore wind farms into the grid. 

con terra at the EPC
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con terra on site


Again this year, we actively supported the EPC, as well as the following Developer Summit, as Bronze Sponsor and were thus able to contribute to a successful execution of the conferences. Of course, current information on business strategies, technological trends and product innovations were the focus of our visit. A very valuable component of our participation is always the personal contact and exchange with colleagues from Esri and the other partners in the worldwide Esri Partner Network.


Our solution for smart, easy and secure data distribution – the security.manager – was often part of our discussions. Due to the simple combination with the technology stack of ArcGIS, it extends the functionalities of the standard software in the plainest way with efficient possibilities for the fine-grained provision of individual information from only one service.


"The participation in the Esri Partner Conference is of special importance for us. Direct contact and exchange with colleagues from Esri is particularly valuable and sustainable in these fast-moving times. After all, we at con terra always want to provide our customers with the latest technology standards and help them to position themselves as pioneers by using our solutions. The partnership with Esri and our long-standing, trusting cooperation over more than 25 years is an important factor for us to further expand our experience as a GeoIT integrator and to add value to it".

Mischa Giese



In direct exchange

This year, Esri Inc. again used the EPC to strengthen the direct exchange within the partner network by organizing the Partner Advisory Council (PAC). Representatives of the network work together on ideas for the sustainable further development of the partner program, look back on the past year and develop strategies for the next 12 months. Mischa Giese, Alliance Manager for our Esri partnership, represented con terra at the PAC. Among other things, he used the opportunity to incorporate European perspectives, challenges and developments into the strategic direction of the partner program.


Four days of inspiration

Once again, the Esri Partner Conference proved to be a very special event for all Esri partners, but also Esri itself. Four days full of inspiring impressions, constructive discussions and, above all, creative cooperation now lie behind us. We will use the many impulses and ideas to profitably integrate them into our work. Thank you Esri, we are already looking forward to next year.


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