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Digital twins bring geodata to life

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects and structures in our environment as well as their relationships, processes and interactions. Depending on their technical focus, they are used to monitor, analyze or optimize their counterparts. 


As a key element in the digital transformation, they set new standards for efficiency, innovation and user experience, bringing GeoIT to life 

Digital Twin
Urban Twin

Support with conception and development 

con terra supports the conception and development of digital twins in order to monitor systems, secure operations, identify potential, optimize processes and solve problems before they arise. These approaches are used in areas such as smart cities, infrastructure management and the promotion of sustainable, climate-stable natural areas. For this, con terra relies on innovative (GIS) technologies and builds upon a broad spectrum of expertise. 

What we offer

Focus on the use case

Expand your existing geo solutions and geodata infrastructures with 3D, BIM and sensor information with our support. Through evolutionary further development, you create the necessary data spaces and tap into the added value of complex analyses and scenarios for your use cases.


Use the advantages of digital twins for your projects in an efficient and sustainable way, through 


- comprehensive views of the relevant space 

- increased transparency and participation 

- rapid response to changes 

- optimized planning and implementation. 


Practical Example

Digital twin emergency response NRW 

Digitaler Zwilling Gefahrenabwehr NRW
Digital twin for emergency response in NRW. Pilot project at the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia (© Picture Land NRW) 


The core features and benefits of the digital twin are 


- Realistic three-dimensional digital model of NRW 
- for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) 
- Sorted as required, cross-administrative geodata on EARTH | FIRE | WATER | AIR 
- Support with planning / monitoring / follow-up 
- for the purposes of fire protection, assistance and disaster control 
- Demand-oriented viewer based on map.apps 
- Simple applications for using geodata and services 


Dr. Thore Fechner

Dr. Thore Fechner

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