Food Truck Notification Service

Greenhouse Company

The Task

The Greenhouse Company‘s food truck drives two different routes in Münster. It makes stops in a number of places daily to provide customers with fresh salads and snacks. Customers can find the tours and approximate stops on the company‘s website.


A big challenge the food truck faces is keeping to the schedule as precisely as possible to avoid longer waiting times during people‘s lunch breaks. Due to the increasing number of customers, it became increasingly difficult to stick to the set times at the stops. The van honking on arrival was also not heard by all potential customers. Therefore, a mobile map app that shows the food truck‘s live position should be developed. In addition, there should be the possibility of subscribing to a notification for when the truck arrives at the chosen stop.

Greenhouse Company

„Our customers are delighted. The Greenhouse App lets you subscribe to current information on your preferred stop. From our point of view, this is a very important aspect for more customer satisfaction and more stable sales!“

Mathias Schultheis - Owner

The Client

At Greenhouse Company, the name speaks for itself. A large selection of salads, soups and smoothies is offered from a food truck under the motto “fresh, healthy and delicious“. Dishes that change weekly and menus that can be combined individually round off the portfolio.


The mobile food service drives two routes in Münster, which change on a daily basis. During the week, up to 11 locations are provided with “green snacks“ every day.


Thanks to this innovative concept, the company successfully addresses more than just the health-conscious target group.




View application here: conterra.de/greenhouse

The Solution

The “Greenhouse App” is based on map.apps and FME Server technology. It enables registration for one of the food truck‘s digitized stops. Customers receive a live notification by email when the food truck reaches this stop or leaves the previous one (geofencing).

This is implemented with the help of an FME Server process. The current vehicle position is compared with the geofences in order to transmit events in real time, such as “Vehicle is arriving at the stop“ or “Vehicle is leaving the stop“ as a push message to the registered users. At the same time, the vehicle‘s live position is permanently sent to the FME Server and displayed in the map.apps map.

The solution is based on


FME Desktop and FME Server




map.apps ETL

The Benefits

No more missing food – fresh and healthy meals without a long wait. The food truck‘s current position can be quickly viewed on a map at any time. Using the app‘s automated push messages, customers are conveniently informed of the truck‘s arrival.


The “Greenhouse App” is designed as a scalable solution and can model further usage scenarios in the future. The application has a multi-truck-capable option; a larger number of stops can be managed via its own portal. The push messages can also be expanded by services such as Twitter.



Customer loyalty and image boost through an innovative app


No more unnecessary waiting at the stops – more transparency and comfort


Reach a larger target group


Intuitive map application and user-friendly interface 


Can be used on mobile devices


Numerous notification options: Arrivals or departures per stop


Additional marketing options through email subscriptions

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