Spatial Discovery

Consulting that drives your business processes forward

Spatial Discovery
Consulting that drives your business processes forward

Nearly all business processes are decisively influenced by spatial data. The goal of the three-day workshop "Spatial Discovery" is to identify and analyze relevant processes and to show ways to transform geodata into valuable geoinformation that supports business processes. Discover the full potential of geodata and optimize your business processes!


Grafik UX Workshop

Your Benefit

Together with you and your colleagues we analyze your business process and identify potentials to make it more efficient, economical and transparent. In addition, our comprehensive consulting services will give you insights into the possible applications of current technologies. Learn, for example, how GeoAI – the use of artificial intelligence in GeoIT - can support processes.

The Challenge

Everywhere we are confronted with geodata, in private as well as in professional life. Whether we are looking for a restaurant, determining the most beautiful hiking route or complex planning processes, location analyses or risk assessments. We always make decisions based on information about position, area or dimension.


Especially in professional practice, geodata are essential. They can significantly influence processes - directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously.


To fully develop the potential of this data, it is important to bring to light the geodata hidden in business processes. It is essential to use methodological and technical expertise to put them into value and to recognize their potential and use it in the best possible way.


Our offer is therefore not only directed to companies working with geodata for the first time, but also to companies with geo know-how.

Design Thinking

In a three-day workshop, you and your colleagues will learn how geospatial data is used in a profitable way, where comparable data is hidden in other companies in your industry, and how you can exploit its potential. You will use Design Thinking, an established and promising approach to developing new, creative ideas.


Inspiration. Through examples and references, you will learn how other companies benefit from geoinformation. Afterwards you will create an overview of your most important business processes.


Analysis. Together we will examine one of your business processes in detail regarding the potential of geodata.


Ideation. For your business process, you implement creative ideas as prototypes. Sketches, paper prototypes or conceptual websites make your ideas become tangible. In a final presentation the results are summarized and further possible steps are shown. A final report summarizes the results.

Your Team

Participate with a team that is as diversified as possible. You will get the best and most creative results when ideas from different areas and departments, controlling and management come together. We are looking forward to welcome up to 15 participants.


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