FME Form

FME Form
FME Form

Transform your data with FME Form (formerly FME Desktop) with a few clicks and connect your applications. Create processes that you can reuse at any time.




Simple configuration


Reading and writing of more than 450 data formats


User-friendly and intuitive operation


Quality assurance

con terra FME extensions
INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME

map.apps ETL

Formats and transformers

A current overview of all formats and transformers can be found here:

FME Desktop Download

The latest version of FME Desktop 2022 is available from our download area. The version available is suitable for test users and existing customers who are in possession of a valid FME maintenance agreement with which to update their current installation. If you are interested in the latest FME maintenance offer, please contact


Before installing FME Desktop you can check the recommended system requirements. You will find an overview of supported formats here. You will find instructions on how to install FME Desktop in this guide.


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