FME Server

FME Server
Expand your user group with FME Server

With FME Server you have the possibility to make your processes available to every user in your network. You want to automate the integration processes for your data? This is no problem with FME Server. Thanks to the uncomplicated user interface, no specific FME knowledge is required, FME Server is the ideal enterprise solution for delivering and automating your data integration tasks.



With FME Server, you can be confident that your data is always where you need it, when you need it.

FME Server
FME Server

FME Server puts FME technology onto the Web


Distribution and management of data and processes


Flexible data transformation


Ability to send and receive information in real-time


Integration in corporate IT and business processes

Use Cases


Provision of (geo)data processes via the Web


Configuration of format-independent download services


Automation of data-transformation processes


Integration in web applications (REST API)


Integration in business intelligence software


Creation of quality assurance services


Processing real-time data

Product features
FME engines provide flexible scalability

FME Server is extremely flexible in its scalability because it uses and distributes queries throughout different FME instances – so-called FME engines. Any number of FME engines can be purchased and deployed to match the user's requirements and purposes. 

In addition to the standard engines for processing a constant base load, additional so-called dynamic engines for unpredictable and dynamic load peaks are now also available.

FME Server Apps & beyond

We show you how easy it is to create FME Server Apps and also how you could integrate their functionallity into a full web GIS using the FME REST API.

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A powerful component in your spatial data infrastructure

With its standardised REST interfaces, FME Server, as a platform-independent data hub, can provide all components within a spatial data infrastructure with the required data and formats. It is able to respond to and integrate both databases/applications and web services. Moreover, using the FME Notification Service, it is also able to receive and process information and distribute it to a user group, all in real time.

Case Studies
Satisfied customers are the best reference
Test FME Server
Download FME Server 2022

The latest version of FME Server 2022 is available from our download area. The version available is suitable for test users and existing customers who are in possession of a valid FME maintenance agreement with which to update their current installation. If you are interested in the latest FME maintenance offer, please contact


Before installing FME Server you can check the recommended system requirements. You will find an overview of supported formats here. Please contact prior to a first installation of FME Server.


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