FME Cloud

FME Cloud
FME in the cloud

FME Cloud concludes the FME product family, and, as an alternative operating model for FME Server, it offers several interesting benefits for certain use cases.
FME Cloud provides easy access to a pre-configured and optimised FME Server within the Amazon Cloud infrastructure. This means that FME Server requires no hardware of its own and also no installation, configuration or maintenance. 


The infrastructure used for FME Cloud is moreover extremely powerful, failsafe and flexible. 

5 Really Good Reasons To Use FME Cloud

FME Cloud is a FME Server hosted in the Cloud. con terra is Partner of Safe Software and FME Cloud Managed Service Provider. This video shows the top 5 reasons for using FME Cloud. See the benefits of FME Cloud and the FME Cloud Managed Service Support Plan by con terra.

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FME Cloud – a fully new way of using FME Server

Depending on the particular use case, either FME Server or FME Cloud makes more sense and is more cost-effective to use. The following overview gives a first indication.



Subscription (term dependent)


No running or hardware costs


High availability, automatic backups and security


Scalable by adding further engines


Optimised for data in the Cloud


Controlled by FME Desktop

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