map.apps Extensions

Expand the standard map.apps solution

Extensions for map.apps expand the standard map.apps solution by adding functionality for specific target tasks. They are also sometimes implemented by seamlessly integrating additional high-performance technologies, such as FME – the spatial ETL system. The complex technology remains in the background, which allows the operation to remain uncomplicated and user-friendly.

The use of extensions requires the installation of a valid map.apps Enterprise Edition solution. The licensing process for extensions is conducted in the same way as with the basic map.apps software.


Learn more about the functional extensions of map.apps.

map.apps SDI

The key for SDI, INSPIRE & Open Data

map.apps Smart Search

Fast navigation to relevant results

map.apps GEONIS

The innovative web client for GEONIS Server

map.apps Offline

Information and data capture app for offline operation

map.apps User Management

User Management and Authorisation in map.apps

map.apps ETL

Data integration – easy, efficient and flexible

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