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Using geoinformation – strengthening market position

Spatial information is of great importance in analyses and evaluations and planning processes within organisations and businesses. A great advantage of displaying such information in digital maps is that it allows even complex content to be conveyed plainly and transparently. This is possible thanks to a wide range of CAD and GIS systems. The number of different data formats that need to be handled is correspondingly large. 
Exchanging data between different software solutions or integrating existing information from system-external data structures, spatial reference systems or formats often represents considerable challenges to users.

By using spatial ETL tools, data can be combined completely independently of their structure, spatial reference or format, integrated in any software solutions or database structures, and thus put to fast and uncomplicated use.

The FME spatial ETL tool makes spatial information usable – irrespective of the data's source, structure, schema or format. 

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